News Story – ‘Television Presenter Zoe Balbi Seeks Balance and No Depravation…’

An in-depth news feature that focuses on Zoe Balbi, a television presenter, and how she maintains her level of fitness.

About Tricia Leanne Snell’s Services – Tricia is the Editor-in-Chief and Journalist of the news website. As such, she pitches story ideas, then arranges and conducts interviews for each article…

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News Story – ‘Mrs Australia World Discusses Work Life Happiness’

Online feature article | InShape NewsFlash, Australia: Tricia pitches story ideas, seeks out interviewees, then arranges and conducts the interviews for each article. Also, she researches background information for articles, locates images, and writes each of the news stories. Plus, Tricia manages a team of columnists, edits all news stories and then posts them to their relevant category on the news site. Overall, Tricia manages the site’s content and is responsible for the site’s look and feel.

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