Writing Packages

Business Communications


  • 1x electronic newsletters: 800-words
  • 1x news release: 400-words
  • 5x blog posts: 350-words each
  • 7x social media posts up to 50 words each

 order-nowAUD $463.50


  • 4x electronic newsletters: 800-words each
  • 4x emails: 250-words
  • 1x news release: 400-words
  • 112x social media posts up to 50 words each

  order-now  AUD $1,820.00 

Business Packages

The Business Promoter

  • 650-word Blog Post
  • 2x weekly Social Posts
  • 400-word Customer email

 order-now    AUD $402.50    

 The Savvy Business Builder

  • 3x 650-word Blog Post
  • 4x weekly Social Posts
  • 2x 400-word Customer emails

order-now    AUD $1,032.50

 Marketing Guru

  • 7x 650-word Blog Posts
  • 7x weekly social posts
  • 3x 400-word Customer emails
  • 1x 400-word Press Release

  order-now  AUD$2,275.00

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