FasTrack Marketing E-Zine

FasTrack Marketing, Ohio, U.S.A:

Tricia delivered an E-zine that went beyond my expectations. It looks and sounds great. I am very impressed with her quality of work and will definately use her services in the future.

Project Summary A monthly E-Zine that promoted FasTrack Marketing and highlighted the firms expertise.

Project Type – E-Zine creation and content writing.

About Tricia Leanne Snell’s Services –  Tricia Leanne Snell was hired to design an E-Zine, which needed to reflect the corporate colours and vision of FasTrack Marketing. Once the final design was produced, Tricia then needed to provide innovative, upbeat, and funky content to fill the design, so that it met with the targeted audience’s expectations.

Service Rating – high level of creativity and aptitude.

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