Gay Real Estate Newsletter

Gay Real Estate, Denver, Colorado, U.S.A:

Tricia Snell is highly organized, effective and displays excellent communication skills. Tricia Snell is an innovative problem solver. She provides the service she presents and goes above and beyond in her services by meeting deadlines and providing fresh design and proactive marketing to increase our readership.

Project Summary Established in 2004, Gay Real Estate, an American real estate company that strives to deliver unbiased up-to-date realty services to LGBT clients throughout the nation, required a monthly newsletter for its readership.

Project Type – Newsletter management – including design, editing and formatting, picture insertion, and the reasearch, writing, and editing of content for the newsletter.

About Tricia Leanne Snell’s Services –  A monthly newsletter was created and distributed using the online newsletter application ‘Constant Contact’. Tricia Leanne Snell was responsible for writing and editing of the content, adding images and links to the newsletter, and making sure the newsletter’s formatting and layout were correct and aesthetically appealing. The newsletter needed to be delivered at a specific time each month and had to be an extension of the company and its directives.

Service Rating – High degree of technical skill, creativity, timeliness, and communication.


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