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Lifestyle Trader Magazine – Lifestyle Education Group, QLD, Australia:

The stonework of the ruins is intricate, but weathered from hundreds of years of wind and rain , and yet, you almost expect Arthur and his men to hiding behind one of the ruin’s walls.

Instead, you see Sharon Skidmore perched on a stone wall staring down at her laptop, with a content look on her face, because she is trading right where she wants to be, and enjoying what the life of a travelling trader has to offer, serentity.

Article Summary Trading while travelling has become the new “in-thing” for traders who seek adventure and profits at the same time.

Article Type – 4-paged feature article

Reference – Lifestyle Education Group (2009) Have Laptop will Travel – Traders Hit the Road, Lifestyle Investor Magazine Vol. 1.1 July/ August 2009, pp. 34-37, Wallburg Developments Pty Ltd and the Lifestyle Education Group, QLD, Australia.

Lifestyle Trader Magazine – Established in 2009, Lifestyle Investor Magazine seeks to give readers the opportunity to build upon their own investment strategies by providing them with the tools for success and by showcasing the lifestyles of other effective investors.

Tricia Leanne Snell’s Services – The Lifestyle Investment Group sought to create a diverse magazine that included celebrity investor profiles and other feature and cover stories that catered to the interests of its readers. Tricia Leanne Snell was hired as the ‘Senior Writer’ for the magazine and worked directly with the magazine editor, Michael Walls, to generate content that personified the magazine’s aims.

Service Rating – High degree of skill, creativity, timeliness, and communication.

Testimonial – “Outstanding work Tricia. You nailed this one.”

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