Magazine Feature – ‘Maximum Enjoyment, Minimal Fuss’

Caribbean POSH Magazine, St. Thomas US Virgin Islands:

Excellent work. Easy to get along with. Always on time. Tricia is a breeze to work with.

Article Summary How to beat holiday season stress and enjoy time with your family.

Article Type – 1-paged feature article.

Reference – Caribbean POSH Magazine (2007) Maximum Enjoyment, Minimal Fuss: Conquering Holiday Season Stress, POSH Magazine Nov/ Dec 2007, Carribean POSH, US Virgin Islands.

About POSH Magazine – Established in the early 2000s, Caribbean POSH magazine is classified as the premier entertainment and lifestyle magazine and caters to those who are interested in everything Caribbean. The magazine includes comprehensive celebrity profiles and interviews, fashion, personal growth, career, and travel articles as well as health and fitness pieces and in-depth political and social editorials.

About Tricia Leanne Snell’s Services – Janette Brin sought a magazine writer to add diversity to her magazine and hired Tricia Snell to write feature articles for the magazine, which is published quarterly. Tricia Snell writes financal, cultural, real estate and special interest feature, such as weddings and relationships for the magazine on an as-needed basis.

Service Rating – Very fast and accurate work.