Partyland Brochure

Partyland Flower and Event Decor, Gaithersburg, MD, USA:

Tricia – Thank you! You’ve out done all my expectations! It’s perfect! Please send it to the editor and I will get it printed!

Brochure Summary – A business promotional brochure that was left in major hotels and other venues that potential clients frequented.

Brochure Type – 2-paged bi-fold

About Partyland Flowers and Event Decor – Established in 1986, Partyland Flowers and Event Decor is a mother and daughter event design company that prides itself on developing unique, one-off, and simply stunning decor for any event.

About Tricia Leanne Snell’s Services – Sachi Sood, former television executive and business partner at Partyland Flowers and Event Decor required content for her brochure and sought layout direction. Together, Tricia and Sachi developed a brochure that defined Sachi’s company as she perceived it.

Service Rating – Professional, high level of communication, clear instruction, and recommended.

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