Book Covers

Miscellaneous Book Cover Designs, Virginia, U.S.A:

Tricia is smart, innovative, and not afraid to be experimental. She takes your concepts on-board and will then present you with a selection of designs to choose from. And, if these designs are not exactly what you want then she will discuss your newly formed ideas and build on these to create exactly what you envision. Truly a gifted lady.

Project Summary A selection of different book cover concepts that then allowed the client to develop their own idea to a fuller extent.

Project Type – Book cover designs.

About Tricia Leanne Snell’s Services – The client sought several different book cover designs to use with works they had already created. Ideas were work-shopped and then presented for review, the client made recommendations and the work was then revised based on these. Revision continued until the client was 100% satisfied with the work.

Service Rating – A clever and artistic individual. Highly recommended.

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