Cosmetics Sales Letter

Cosmetics Sales Letter, Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia:

Thanks Tricia. I do not have much time right now to extensively look through what you sent but first impression looks quite good! I will comment more (if any) in the next couple of days. The response of your work has been received with excellent reviews. Thank you.

Project Summary The creation of a marketing sales letter for a new cosmetics product that was to be launched in the Asian market.

Project Type – A copywritten sales letter that promoted a new product and generated sales.

About Tricia Leanne Snell’s Services – The client wished to have a sales letter written that promoted his new cosmetics product. This included design, formatting and writing of the document, as well as editing and proofing. It was important that the client’s document adhered to pharmaceutical and advertising laws, and only contained factual information that could be substantiated.

Service Rating – Quick turnaround and right on the point.

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