Distinctive Real Estate Newsletter

Distinctive Real Estate, Denver, Colorado, U.S.A:

Tricia Snell makes me look like a super star! She is worth her weight in gold.

Project Summary Merlin Parker, a Distinctive Real Estate relator, sought to create a monthly real estate newsletter that promoted the importance of being environmentally friendly in the 21st century and showcased his professional expertise.

Project Type – Newsletter management – including design, editing and formatting, picture insertion, and the reasearch, writing, and editing of content for the newsletter using Constant Contact.

About Tricia Leanne Snell’s Services –  Tricia Leanne Snell designs and writes a unique monthly newsletter for Merlin Parker, which promotes his business and speaks directly to his target audience and raises their awareness of environmental and realty issues. In addition to this Tricia Snell has also designed mail-out postcards and other promotional marketing pieces for Merlin Parker on an as-needed basis..

Service Rating – continually creative as well as a willingness to make changes and assist with tasks that is exceptional.


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