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Navigator Security Shredding – New York, U.S.A:

Thanks for being so attentive to details. This is the single most outstanding quality that shows me that Tricia really cares. It will be a pleasure to continue working with her.

Project Summary A new start-up business sought content for its website pages and needed a specific style and tone created so that their succinct message was delivered to their target audience.

Project Type – Multiple web page content for a business website.

Navigator Security Shredding – Navigator Security Shredding is a data shredding business that was established in 2005. This unique company provides an electronic data shredding service that eliminates the risk of electronic data theft.

Tricia Leanne Snell’s Services – Navigator Security Shredding sought to create content for its newly established online presence. Tricia Leanne Snell was hired as the content writer and worked one-on-one with the business’s owner, Joanna, to develop the content she desired.

Service Rating – 5-star service with Tricia displaying excellent technical skill, communication, creativity, and timeliness throughout the project.

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